Today I learned that not every test is easy. In algebra, we took a test that wasn't graded. It was hard, but our teacher warned us, so I had to guess on almost all of them. It was a weird test, some of the questions were really really easy, and some of them were hard. But it was all good, because, I learned that it wasn't graded.
          I also learned that I am very indecisive, or I compare things too much, so I am trying to break that bad habit, but it is very hard. I've been trying to for a long time, but I could never break it. But this time I am going to stop for sure, and if I don't...
          Today I learned that I make many simple mistakes in math. When I took a quiz, I had the answer, but I wrote something completely different. This is annoying, because, I have to retake the quiz now. I also learned that my baseball swing was terrible, and I had to change it.
          After I changed it I went outside to compare, and I was just hitting pop ups, and grounders with my old swing. But with my new swing, I was hitting line drives. for about two -hundred feet. Now I don't need to compare it I will test it out in the game today.
          Today is Friday, and so far, I had an algebra quiz. I think I aced it, and I finished a project in art. I hope I get an A because if I don't I'll have a B in that subject. Later, I actually don't have a Science test this week. So I am looking forward to it next period. In core I'm not sure what we do so it will be a surprise. And it is the same thing for Spanish.
          My last period, I have P.E. and I've heard that we have boot camp. That isn't that hard, but it isn't easy either. After school, I have Baseball practice, This whole week, I've been insulted, and bullied that I was bad, so I am going to use that as motivation to work all weekend on my hitting.
          In the Late Middle Ages, Popes were very powerful. They controlled the church for eastern and western Europe. There were popes in the east, but mostly bishops controlled the church in the east. In the Holy Roman Empire, Leaders like Constantine could be friends with the pope to stay on the throne longer.
          I think this is good, because if you weren't friends with the pope and you did something bad, you would probably get excommunicated, and nobody wants to go to hell. If you were friends with the pope, if you did something bad, the pope would give y
          Today is just a normal day. I don't have any sports practices, there is no special bell schedule, and I'm not doing anything at lunch. After school will be boring without any sports to play. So I am going to do my Cornell notes. That is all of my homework for the weekend, so I might as well get it done today so I can have fun over the four day weekend.
          I am looking forward to the four day weekend. There are many things I am looking forward to. There is a baseball team meeting, practice, and Edison is playing their Alumni game. I will probably watch it with my friends. Then go home for the rest of the weekend. Also, I had a math quiz, and later I will have a science test. I've been studying so I plan on getting an A.
          If you want to be a knight, there is a job application right here! Everyone, if you dreamed about saving England, come on down and become a knight. you must of course fit the traits of a knight. You must be strong, quick, and brave to be a knight. If you aren't any of these, you can not be a knight unless you make a change quickly.
          Your behavior must be good at all times. It is a part of Chivalry, the knight's code. If you follow this code, you will strive in being a knight for England. Now the best part, if you become a knight you will be paid in land from a noble, or with the King.
          Valentine's Day is the holiday on February 14. It is a holiday where people give presents to there wives, husbands, girlfriends, etc. Nobody really knows where Valentine's Day came from but there is still a pretty good history about it. There were three saints with the name Valentine, or Valentinus, they were all martyred.
          One story was that a ruler named Claudius found out that single men fight better than men with wives and families. So he made sure no young men got married. Valentine didn't think that this law was good so he held marriages secretly on his own.
          Today is Friday, and I am pumped up for the rally, we get to wear white, and I've heard it is going to be dark, so the white clothes illuminate the darkness. I like the rally bell schedule because all of the classes are shortened for about  ten minutes. Plus, we get to eat lunch after seventh period instead of sixth period.
          Tomorrow, I have baseball tryouts for a Cal Ripken league, it's fun to do that, and it is in the morning. I like doing stuff in the morning, because it isn't hot, and it feels good to run around, or work a sweat when it is cold. I've been working on my baseball swing, and now I think it will be better than it was a few weeks ago.
          If I were Crispin, and saw my house being torn down, I would be shocked, and I would know that something has happened. Maybe it was when I saw Aycliffe talking to a knight. I don't know what to do, I guess I will hide for a day.
          It feels like I have lost everything, my mother, my house, all I can do now is go to the church. But while I was hiding I noticed groups armed to fight looking for me in the woods. When I saw that, I knew what I saw was bad. Now the only thing I can do is go to the church, and pray.
          So far this quarter I have straight A's, and two B's. In art I have an 85%, but it says I have an A for some reason. I also have a B in History. It is an 89.2% so I think I can bring it back up. Other than that, my grades are good, and we have progress reports coming next week, or the week after that. This quarter is going by quickly.
          Usually, I have trouble in core, but if I keep it like this, I will be able to get A's because of my extra credit. We get extra credit if we keep our bathroom passes, and that got me A's both quarters so far. Break is right before core for me so it is easy to keep them.