Today is Friday, and Spring break starts tomorrow. I am pshyced about it. I have a lot of sports to do, but I'm afraid I can only play baseball. My knee was hurting for about a month and it really started to hurt last week, so I went to the doctor, and I noticed that I have Osgood Schlatters.
            Osgood Schlatters is a disease most teenagers from 13-16 get if they are athletic. It is when the tendon between your shin, and your knee cap is stressed. When someone has to use their quad muscles a lot, it puts stress on that tendon and that is what happens. So now, I have to take advil, and ice my knee a few times a day. Yesterday I iced my knee three times but I am annoyed because I iced the wrong spot so it still hurts a lot.
            If I had unlimited money over spring break I would do so many things with it. First of all, Unlimited money is unlimited. I would pay off all the debts the United States has, then I would pay them more so they wouldn't get in debt. later, I would buy clothes a baseball bat and shoes for myself. Than I would pay the rest on charities.
            I would buy as much clothes I could get so I wouldn't have to buy anymore, the baseball bat I would get is an Easton lcn10, and I would just pay in every charity I would see at least ten million in each because I would have unlimited money.
            If I were in charge of the world, I would try as hard as I could to fix every country's problems. For the United Sttes I would Make everyone pay off the debt to China. (rich people would pay more.) Then I would make sure that the prices go down, so we won't have to pay foreign countries for oil, and other natural resources.
            In other countries I would make secret intelligence services un secret. So their will be no secrets kept from citizens, and the citizens could help. All of this sounds very easy to do, but I know for a fact that most things are easier said than do
            Two days ago, on Saturday, I finished "Crispin the end of Time". It was the last book in the trilogy of historical fiction books. The book was great, but I think they should make a fourth one. The trilogy is about a boy that was a peasant living in the middle ages. He was accused of stealing and murduring all because he knew that the noble: Lord Furnival was dead.
            Later in the first book, he finds out that he is Lord Furnival's son, but he doesn't want to be royal so he leaves the city, and his guardian dies. From their he wanders around in woods, and finds a family to live with. He later finds out that they are thieves and murdurers So he and the family's servant go on a ship and set sai
            Today is Friday, once again, it is going to be a usual friday. The things we do at school aren't usual though, so I guess it is another unusual Friday. Today I want to do the leadership game. We have to play a game where we put a potatoe between our knees not our thighs. Then we have to walk and not hop about ten meters, and drop the potatoe in a bucket.
            I took an algebra quiz, and I didn't understand one problem, but I aced it. I wasn't sure how, but I guess I got lucky? I also had a spanish test, I aced it also, I feel good about my grades this quarter I am maintaning A's and A-'s Believe it or not, I have an A+ in this class right now; computers, this class is fun, and right now I am learning about an explorer. His name is Panfilo de Narvaez.
            If I could have a conversation with Leonardo da Vinci, or Michalengelo, I would have it with Leonardo da Vinci. I respect both of them for their work, but according to the video notes I had to take in core, Michalengelo wasn't serious, and he was a bad influence on artists looking up to him. But he still made pretty good sculptures.
            Leonardo da Vinci was a genius, he knew how to do many things, and if he didn't choose to be an artist, he still could've done many things with his life. He also took painting serious, and practiced a lot, unlike Michalengelo. Also, Leonardo da Vinci could teach me how to draw with perspective. I've been trying to learn how to do that for a very long time now since I am in art class, I want to get better.
            If I could be anywhere right now I would be at russia. I would go to Volgogrod, and see The Motherland Calls on my first day touring. I heard it was huge. It would also be awesome to know how to speak Russian. I could study to be a lawyer there too.
            Another place I would like to go to is Europe. I would love to go to London, France, and Germany. I would like London the most though, because they speak English. I would go to France and Germany to sightsee. I also love French Toast,
            On the weekend I was supposed to have a baseball game but it got cancelled of course. There was really weird weather for fresno, on Saturday it was supposed to rain, and it did, but on Sunday it started to hail. It was hailing so hard it looked like it was snowing. The hail wasn't that big, but there was a lot of it.
            There was a good thing from the weather, well good and bad. In my house we have a huge backyard. When it was hailing, Msy brother bet me that I wouldn't run around my backyard twice so I bet him,he recorded it on his iPhone too. He owes me five dollars now, but all I woure when I was running was a t shirt and shorts. my feet were freezing, and the hail starte
            Today I had a quiz in algebra, and I am pretty sure I aced it, in art we did nothing with art at all. We had a subsitute teacher, and we watched a video about Irish dancing that was tweaked a little with tap dancing. They called it River dancing, it was amazing to watch and it was fun. But we didn't do anything with art.
            In the rest of the day I have a Science test which might be hard, and I have a SVG test. I heard we have fitness day in P.E. but we had it two days in a row, and I don't wan't to be sore tomorrow because we have a baseball gam
          For the Google lit trip I chose  Panfilo de Narvaez. I chose him because I have never heard of him. I was going to do Sir Francis Drake, but I already knew what he did because I did a project on him in fourth grade. Today I am going to study on him to see what he did. I hope it is something really good and I am also hoping it was in Europe.
          Also, Panfilo de Narvaez seemed like a name from the middle ages, and I would even be more happy if it was from Italy I will be OK if he isn't but it would be easier if he was from the middle ages. We are studying the Middle ages in Core.