If I were a computer teacher, I would have rules like my current computer teacher. I would make rules for many things, like eating or drinking close to a computer, or chewing gum. I wouldn't get mad at the people that are talking because I would already know that they will be lost during the assignment. I would probably also give them one warning and give homework lab if they keep distracting other kids.
            I would also make new projects, and try to make them as fun as possible. by doing this, kids in my classes would be intrigued to come to my classroom. Also, I would try to come in early so kids could work before school, during lunch, or after school.
            Today is a free dress day, I didn't come in free dress because last time I spent money to buy a sticker but it fell off, and I had to buy another one. Algebra was fun we did a scavenger hunt, and we got to visit when we were done. In computers, I have to make a tour for extra credit, and for science I have a test. I am ready for it, I studied and I want to nail it.
            After, I have a lot of assignments due in world history. I did all of it so I am pretty sure I will get a good grade on them. Also yesterday we moved seats in core, and I have some pretty good seats. I like my table, and there aren't any troublemakers in the group.
            If I could make any scientific discovery true, I would make the theory that everything orbitted around the earth. if it was this way, humans wouldn't have to think of a way to go to the moon, and populate there. An invention I could bring back is the reflecting telescope. I know we have better telescopes now, but I would like it better if it was a portable one.
            Having a portable telescope would be fun to look at planets on certain days, and see the texture of the moon and many other planets. Also I would let people use it, and I might even find incoming asteroids, and report to NASA, or 911. and save the world.
            A famous person I know that has good character is Ichiro Suzuki. I know he has good character, and he is nice because I did a P.E. bioboard project. He is a proffesional baseball player he is known for his arm and his speed. He has good character because he spent a lot of his money that he made on charities, and charities in Japan.
            He was the first Japanese player to play in the MLB. He also sign's souveniers when he has the chance. He has never lied or cheated, and plus, he has never gotten into a fight. He likes to have fun while playing the game, and he also doesn't get himself into trouble. That is why he will go far in the MLB.
            Intellectual property is the property of an author, usually they are copyrighted, so they don't have to worry about things being stolen from them. Intellectual Property was made to protect all of the authors words. It is very useful, but most internet thieves wont care about stealing it and they will end up getting arrested.
            Creative content is any type of artical that someone uses on the internet. I watched a brain pop about it. It is similar to intellectual property, it protects from people plagiarising. Once again some people do it anyway so it is best to cite the sources, and put the exact words in "'s
            Today is pretty much the usual. I had a quiz in algebra, and I will have a science test next period. Later I will have an SVG test, and I'm ready for it. I have a lot of homework for the weekend. I also have to figure out how to put my google lit trip onto my website also. I am not looking forward to the rest of the day because I will have to do a lot of homework.
            On Saturday, I have a carnival for my baseball league. And a game the day after, so I will have to stay up late sometime on the weekend, to finish my homework. I also get to update my website, so I am also looking forward to that also.
            1. We should be able to wear common dress to school.
            2. I should be able to play video games on weekends after I finish homework
            3. I should have my own room.
            4. I shouldn't have to wash dishes when my other brothers can.
            5. I should be able to choose some things to buy at grocery stores.
            I think I should be able to choose some things to buy at grocery stores, because sometimes I actually know what we need and my mom doesn't, and also, I occasionally need something unusual like dixie cups to ice my knee. But everyone thinks that isn't legitamate, and that it is a waste of money.
            The question is: Do you think schools should block all sites, or some sites? I would say to block some sites, just like FUSD is doing. gaming sites are blocked, so people stay on task, and many other site categories are blocked. Especially sites like Youtube and Facebook. Most teens go to these sites when they have any free time. But the reason not all sites shouldn't be blocked is that now a days, we do homework on computers.
            In algebra, our homework for every day is online. We have to watch a video and take notes on it. If all sites were blocked all algebra students wouldn't be able to do their homework unless they have a smartphone, or internet at home. Also core teachers sometimes have assignments
            In Jon Hamilton's article "Multitasking Teens may Be muddling their brains," he states that when people multitask, they may feel like they are getting a lot of stuff done, but really, their brains are shutting down. If you multitask, think of doing a math problem, then while you are in the middle of it stopping and changing a song on itunes or something. Then you would have to recollect all of the steps in the problem and it would take longer to do it all over again. Then it might happen again.
            Multitasking only two things isn't that bad, it depends on what you are doing. If you are on the laptop, you will have to switch back and forth, and sometimes you might even get distracted and go to another site. If it is something like music, that is in the background. You wouldn't have to change it, and you would also keep you sharp. But still if you multitask a lot of things at once, you will go slower than someone that is focusing on one subject.
            Today so far I got to start to make a box of clay in art class. It was very fun, and I liked flattening it too. The only downside to that is, it got my hands really dirty. The next period I had a math quiz and I passed it, and I played a game that was pretty fun. I had to have very good strategy to win. It was sort of like chess, but I'm not good at chess so I lost.
            Next period, I have a science test. I only missed one on the practice test, so I am pretty confident about this. After that I have Core and Spanish. I don't have tests in those classes. Lastly, I have P.E. but it is raining so I don't think we will do anything outside. After school I have a baseball game, but it probably got rained out.