Red Ribbon Week is fun so far. I wore crazy socks on Monday, a crazy tie on Tuesday, but I forgot to bring a crazy hat on Wednesday. Today I have a twin, It has been a fun week so far, but I can't wait for sunshade Friday! I am planning on bringing shutter shades.
            This was probably the best week I've had at Computech so far. I never knew red ribbon week would be so fun. I forgot to bring some things, but it was still very fun. It was a good experience
        Today at lunch our school is going to do a leadership event that includes giant marshmallows and chocolate syrup. Most of our teachers are going out to the event, and they are the ones we get to drop the chocolate soaked marshmallows on. I can't wait until lunch. I am for sure going to go, to get spirit points for our 1st period teacher, and so I could get to drop marshmallows on my teacher.
        The Marshmllow drop was awesome!!! I got to drop a marshmallow on Mr. West. It was a lot better than I expected, but I didn't get to eat any marshmallows. That day was perfect, I hope we get to do something like that again.
              So far this week hasn't been that hard, but last friday I had the hardest race of my life, of course I can't talk about it, but it was hard. Today we have our first basketball tryouts. I'm ready for anything. the basketball tryouts were good, but I messed up once. There are still two more days to show my skill, and now I know that the main thing he's looking for in players are potential, and attitude.
              Now I know. The coach asked me to play on the eighth grade team, and I said yes so I could get better, so now I know I made the team. I think part of it was my grades, and if I keep it up I can probably get straight A's. There isn't a test for math, but I have tests in Science, and Spanish. I'm going to have to study hard for them.
    On saturday, we had a soccer game. we played 14 year old's, but we still did pretty good. We lost though... Some of my computech friends are on my team, There's Connor, Niko, and Mckay. During the game we learned to not be afraid of older kids, and it will all pay off when we get to play our people our own age.
    Sunday was fun, Our family went to church, than I got went back home, so I could get ready for my basketball practice. Basketball was good, but sadly it was the last practice for a few months... I can't wait until then.
Friday, gotta get down on friday. I don't like that song though...
Its Friday! The school week is almost over. That went by quickly. But Friday isn't over yet. I still have 2 more tests to take.
The hardest thing I did this week had to be the math test I took for homework, we had to review the past 3 chapters, and take a test on all of them. Plus, my worst subject was there... Word Problems. 
    Word problems are the worst for me, because you have to read a lot, but most of it isn't important. Later my teacher told me what to do, I had to underline the main words, and phrases, then convert them into algebra.