Today so far we had a free day in Tech. Ed., a test in Algebra, and a work day here in computers. After this, it is pretty much a free day to do nothing. In science, we get to listen to music, and talk. For core we are having a party! for spanish it is a free day too. I never know what we do for P.E. but I know it will also be fun.
        I can't wait until Christmas. It will be a great, well needed break from school, and a rest from sports. Soccer is almost over, and Basketball is over. But Basketball will start again in January. So I am looking forward to the break. and mostly Crhistmas.
         I changed during this semester in a lot of ways. I didn't think I would do good in algebra, and I also met new friends. And now I don't just hang out with one group of manchester kids. I hang out with many different people now. I also changed because of the sports. I feel I got better at every sport I did here at Computech.
        This semester, I didn't think I would do that well in algebra. That changed, but like usual, I'm not doing well in world history. I also grew, like everyone this semester. I have also seen other people change throughout the semester. But my favorite change in this semester was meeting new friends.
        Last week, in algebra, we learned how to subsitute equations into equations. after doing that, we had to use pictures to make it easier. That week was pretty hard because I didn't really get it, until about thursday, when I found out an easier way to do it. It was a lot easier, and I passed the quiz because of it.
        Today, my math teacher told the whole class how to do it the easy way. So I am thinking this week will be pretty easy. I can't wait until wednesday. That is probably the last day we will have to do any work. Thursday is the last day, and then it's christmas break for 3 weeks!
        Today, I have many things to do, I have school, of course. then dancing, basketball practice, band, and then more basketball practice. But the main thing I am focusing on is getting an A on the SVG test. If I do, I can maintain, an A for the rest of the quarter, if I don't, I'll have to use extra credit on it.
        For Core, I have minuses in both subjects, so I have to maintain them. If I don't I'll end up with a bad grade. I am hoping for staight A's, and a B. But you never know. For Christmas, I am looking forward to shopping for presents for other people. Plus, my mom's birthday is coming up, so I'm buying her two presents.
        I have been honored for a long time, and I am still praised for my job. I swore to always protect my lord, and my emperor from danger. I am a Samurai. When I walk through the streets< people bow down before me. Whenever that happens, I blush, but I quickly notice how much I am honored in this country. Everything was good, until my lord started battle with the Emperor.
        Both of them called me to their side, I didn't know what to do, so I tried to make my lord stop the battle. He didn't listen, so I had to pick which one. I knew I would be dishonored, but I knew the Emperor was stronger, so I chose sides with him. We won the battle, and my lord forgave me, I was lucky for all of this to happen.
    When I am in Charge of my life, I will have to buy a new
house, and a new car. If I turn out succesful, I will end up buying my dream
car. A Camaro, if they still sell them in the future. Also I will have to buy
groceries, and all of the things my parents usually do. So there are some good
things and some bad things of being in charge of your life.
    Some good things, are driving. You can drive wherever you want, whenever you  want to. That will be a good experience. Also, I will be able to eat anything I want. But I would still try to eat healthy. Some bad things are; cleaning your
house, and taking care of the houses chores. Laundry dishes and more. So there  are many things I will look up to, but there are many things I won't look up to.
        I think cyber bullying is bad, especially when it is through texting or Email. This is why it is bad to make a username your full name. It is good to say anonymous. If you stay anonymous, people won't know who you are, unless you tell them. Another way to not get cyber bullied is to be nice to other people, so they can be nice back.
        Even if you get cyber bullied you should never cyber bully anyone else, that is the main reason other poeople start cyber bullying. Also, if you stay away with social networking sites, you won't get much cyber bullying from other people.
        Today I am writing about a test I am taking for history. I just got moved down to a B, so now I have to do good on the test today so I can try to bring it back up to an A. I tried to study as much as I could, but I had basketball practice, and soccer practice. So I got home at about nine o clock. When I got home, I had to do all my homework.
        First I did SVG, then my history I.R. pages, and it was already nine forty-five. I started my other homework, and got finished with that around 10:20, and then I had to do my science I.R. that took pretty long. So at 11:00 I started to study, I studied a lot, but I was tired then, and I am starting to forget what I studied. Now I'm hoping I will remember during the test.
        There are many Chinese achievements that were important, but three of them really stood out to me. The spinning wheel, The Great wall, and the Magnetic Compass. China made a magnetic compass, this is important because they had to travel overseas by ship, and a compass was a better bet than following the stars.
        Another important Achievement was the building of the Great Wall of China, it demanded hundreds of thousands of Chinese workers. Plus it was very expensive. It was mainly built during the Ming dynasty to keep the Mongols out of China.
        My last Chinese achievement I chose was the spinning wheel. China had the best silk, and was a trade factor. But it took too long to make so they built an item called the spinning wheel. These wheels are still used in China, and that is the reason China is so good at trading silk.
        Today I learned that in 1941 December 7th there was a bombing. Japan bombed China, and that got the U.S. in war with Japan. A day after we declared war with Japan, Germany declared war with us. So we had to take down both Countries. That was also when Hitler started to get into power. Japan made a bad choice to bomb the Chinese.
        Japan didn't think the United States of America were strong in war, so they declared war. After fighting us, they must have thought that was one of the worst mistakes their country has made so far. Mr. Armstrong's relative was in that war and he saved many lives and got the Medal of Honor.