I am looking forward to many things in Eighth grade that will be fun, and treated well too. I am looking forward to not being called a sevie, and I am also looking forward to more respect from everybody. One of the best parts is being looked up to. I hope some seventh graders next year will look up to me, and ask for help if they need some.
               I am also looking up to being on the other side of rallies. We get to not sit on the ground, and also we can beat the seventh graders in all of the games we got beaten in. The last thing I am looking forward to is the teachers. I will like to see what new teachers would be like.
               My day last Friday was very fun. I got to go to school in my swim trunks, and I also got to go to a morning rally. I think the rallies are funner in the gym because all the noise stays inside. The rally was inside, so a lot of the noise we made wasn't as loud as before in the gym. It was still fun, and we got to use water in most of the games. And we also got to sling water balloons at people. The teachers played a game similar to that, but the people had to catch the balloon in a bucket.
               After that, we went to wild waters which was a lot of fun. We went on a lot of rides, and we also got to hang out, or play volleyball. I played volleyball with my friends, and also I swam in the wave pool, and rode some rides. I also liked going to the benches to drink soda.
               My plans for the summer are sort of the usual for me, I am going to play in All-Stars for baseball, and travel to San Louis Obispo, (I think that's how you spell it) And I am also going to Pismo beach. We will probably have a family vacation. I don't know where we are going, but I wherever we are going, it will be a lot of fun.
               I am also going to try to speak as much Spanish as I can so I won't be rusty to start the year off in Spanish 2. I am also going to play basketball for a team I've been on for two years. I like the coach, but I haven't played in a long time, and I am also still a little injured, so I don't even know If I am going to be able to play.
               This week, I learned that I am really bad at one of my algebra lessons. I have retaken the quiz three times, and, I still haven't gotten a passing grade yet. I just retook the third time today, and I still don't think I will do well, I have no idea how to do it, and I only have one more chance. I am understanding everything else pretty well, but I have to figure out how to do that lesson, or I will have a lower grade in that class.
               I also learned that Pablo Sandoval, the giants third baseman, had a broken hand, I am going to a grizzlies game, and he is going to be in the lineup for them. I also learned that I have to be determinated in subjects, and study every day, and also practice everyday. I started doing that yesterday, and I hope I can hold up to that goal for the rest of the year. I also learned how to spell one of the longest words in the dictionary: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
               This week, I learned a new lesson in algebra, I found it easy, and aced the quiz, but I am still shaky on last week's subject, I retook the test, and still got a bad grade, so I have to retake it again. I also, learned about plants, in science. We had a lot of homework, but I felt good, because I didn't procrastinate.
               In history, I learned about the Americas, and the age of Enlightenment, and exploration. I had a baseball tournament all weekend, so I had to do a lot of history homework last night. That is why I am so tired, but I know that It was worth it because I have to maintain a good grade.
               I also learned that I have to use a lighter bat for baseball, I was doing good with the heavier bat in BP, but in the games, I was always late with bad bat speed, so now I use a lighter bat, and I am going to test it out today in practice. We got second in that tournament.
               Today, I had an algebra quiz, I had to take two, the first one was easy, but the second one was a lot harder. Now, I am in Computers, and I am going to work on my zoo project. Next period, I am in science, and I don't know what I am going to be doing. It is the same in core, I don't know if I am going to be able to do my work on a laptop or not. In Spanish, I might be taking the oral test. And in P.E. we are probably going to play mush ball.
               Over the weekend, I have a baseball tournament, and I know I am going to do well in it, but after that, I have to do a lot of homework. I have science, which I finished, and I also have a lot of history to do. After that, I probably don't have anything else to do.
               If I were a merchant, and I had the chance to buy a ship with my friends, and sail to the Indies for spice trade. I would get rich, and the my friends and I would get to share all of the money with them. There are dangers going with it, our ship could sink, or our ship could be lost. If I had to I would take up this offer really fast. I would risk it, because I would rather die, or be rich than live a mediocre life for my entire life. It would also be pretty fun to sail.
               When I would take sail with my friends, I would try as hard as I could to not have my ship get lost, I would use maps, and whatever I could to to stay on trail. It would be fun to work nights with my friends. Also, I would take as much spices as I could carry and when I got back, I would be living the good life.
               Last week, I had an algebra lesson that was new. I was absent the day we learned it also. That really messed me up, because everyday, we learned something new, and I didn't understand anything the whole week. We also had a quiz, and I new I wouldn't do well. I got my grade back today, and it wasn't good. I got one out of five right, and that is an F. Luckily, I can retake it tomorrow morning.
               Today, I did the problems that I got wrong, and I finally understood how to do the problems. The only problem is we are learning another new thing, so I might be behind unless I retake it tomorrow morning. I think I will finish it well. If I don't, I probably won't have an A in the class anymore. I need to get straight A's.
                     Today is Friday, and I am going to talk about something completely random. Vampires. They are so in now a days and I have no idea why. I think it is because if Twilight the movie, but mostly teen girls like it. I specifically think the Harry Potter movies are a lot better, but many trends break out in America, some are good, and some are bad. I would say that this trend is bad, and I am hoping it ends soon.
                     Now that the Hunger Games has come out, that is starting to trend also, but I think that book/movie is a lot better. I read the book, and watched the movie and it was very great. Movies are a lot different than the books though. I noticed many different things while watching the movie, so I couldn't really believe which one was true. Usually it is the books, but in that way, it would be more boring. The movie was better than the book because there was more action.
               Would I rather be an Aztec, Inca, or Maya? I would for sure be a Mayan. The Mayans made many new technologies during their time. They were the first to use, and make a 365 day calender. They were very religious, and they learned how to plant. After trying out a lot of seeds, they finally knew what to mainly plant. They planted maize (corn), and made many things out of it like tortillas or drinks.
               I wouldn't like to be an Inca, or an Aztec, because they sacrificed humans, and their hearts and they also had to blood-let which I couldn't do against my will. They played a sport like soccer which I would like to play, but the losers suffered a penalty, death. Another reason I would like to be a Mayan, is because of the tortillas, and other corn foods. I really like corn, and its even better the different ways they make it. The only thing I probably wouldn't drink is the corn drink.