This week is going good so far, for halloween, I am a man in black. I am nervous today (Monday) because the basketball team is being chosen today. I am pretty sure I'm going to make the team though. Today I found out... I made the team! this is going to be fun, we get team shoes, shirts, and sweats.
          Yesterday I learned how to make a copy of something, and make it bigger for props and etc. It was hard at the begining, but I learned that it was just a simple expression, and you use the same equation to make it bigger, or smaller. Now I know even more stuff for algebra.
        We had a basketball game yesterday, I think I did good for a 7th grader. In the beggining, I was kind of intimidated because they were big, and older. But once the game started, I got used to it and played well, but I know I could've played better. I only took 3 shots, but I learned that the easyies

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