The Mongols were coming, there was thousands of them, what will I do? I panic around my house, then find a good idea. I could hide in my house. While looking for a good place to hide, I find a pretty good one. I choose to hide under my dirty clothes pile. After hiding, I noticed that the Mongols could set my house on fire, so I think of a better thing to do instead of hiding.
        Finally I found the right thing to do. I have to run to the city, and tell everyone. On my way there, I tell the people that live close to me. "The Mongols are coming!" By the time I tell all my neighbors, we have a group of people going to the Emperor to warn him. It looked like my plan worked until someone right next to me was shot by an arrow. The Mongols have already caught up to us! They quickly shoot us down, I was the last one alive, when I finally got hit by an arrow. While I was dying, I knew our Empire was coming to an end.

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