Would I rather be an Aztec, Inca, or Maya? I would for sure be a Mayan. The Mayans made many new technologies during their time. They were the first to use, and make a 365 day calender. They were very religious, and they learned how to plant. After trying out a lot of seeds, they finally knew what to mainly plant. They planted maize (corn), and made many things out of it like tortillas or drinks.
               I wouldn't like to be an Inca, or an Aztec, because they sacrificed humans, and their hearts and they also had to blood-let which I couldn't do against my will. They played a sport like soccer which I would like to play, but the losers suffered a penalty, death. Another reason I would like to be a Mayan, is because of the tortillas, and other corn foods. I really like corn, and its even better the different ways they make it. The only thing I probably wouldn't drink is the corn drink.

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