In Jon Hamilton's article "Multitasking Teens may Be muddling their brains," he states that when people multitask, they may feel like they are getting a lot of stuff done, but really, their brains are shutting down. If you multitask, think of doing a math problem, then while you are in the middle of it stopping and changing a song on itunes or something. Then you would have to recollect all of the steps in the problem and it would take longer to do it all over again. Then it might happen again.
            Multitasking only two things isn't that bad, it depends on what you are doing. If you are on the laptop, you will have to switch back and forth, and sometimes you might even get distracted and go to another site. If it is something like music, that is in the background. You wouldn't have to change it, and you would also keep you sharp. But still if you multitask a lot of things at once, you will go slower than someone that is focusing on one subject.

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