One thing I do to rest my mind is listen to music. I listen to music, and sit down, and take a load off. This makes me think about other stuff. I listen to music at least once a weekend, and before I have a sport game to calm myself down. For baseball, I know that good hitters hit three out of ten times, so after I listen to music to pump me up, I listen to slower music because I know I will get many tries.
            Another thing I do to rest my mind is read, I go to my room and lay on my bed and read. It calms me down, and it is good for me, and I could also put it on my reading log. The only bad thing about reading is, I don't want to stop reading and I spend too much time reading a book. Most of the time when I am not tired I read myself to sleep. Sometimes it works, and I get sleepy, but other times I keep reading until it is too late.

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