One of my personal strengths is my athletic ability. I love to play sports and I am fast so mot of the time I am not half bad at whatever sport I choose to play. I play a lot of sports, and My favorite sport is whichever sport I am playing at the time. Right now, I am playing baseball and I made the all star team. It is probably the funnest sport I play.
            During the summer, I will be playing basketball also. This is probably my best sport, and I like to play the point guard, I am good at driving hard to the rim, and shooting threes, and assisting my team mates. I am going to work on pulling up from mid range this summer. Usually coaches don't play me in that position because I am tall though. I didn't play this year, so hopefully my spot won't be taken during the summer.
            Another personal strength is my persistance. I have never gotten homework lab, and I have never not done my homework. I've noticed people with bad grades, and they wonder why, and they almost get homework lab everyday. And those are most of my personal strengths.

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