If I were a merchant, and I had the chance to buy a ship with my friends, and sail to the Indies for spice trade. I would get rich, and the my friends and I would get to share all of the money with them. There are dangers going with it, our ship could sink, or our ship could be lost. If I had to I would take up this offer really fast. I would risk it, because I would rather die, or be rich than live a mediocre life for my entire life. It would also be pretty fun to sail.
               When I would take sail with my friends, I would try as hard as I could to not have my ship get lost, I would use maps, and whatever I could to to stay on trail. It would be fun to work nights with my friends. Also, I would take as much spices as I could carry and when I got back, I would be living the good life.

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