The trip to the zoo was yesterday, and I had a really good time. There were ups and downs along the whole trip, but overall it was one of the best field trips I had ever been to. The good part was that we had fun, and we also got to learn about animals. The bad part was that we had to answer  problems on all of the exhibits which really was tiring but now it was worth it because I at least know a little bit about a lot of different animals.
               The bad parts were that we had to all squeeze into buses, and walk for about five hours. My back started to hurt after a while, and it was a great time when we had a break to eat. The food there was great, and the slushies were legendary. I would recommend the seventh grade teachers to do this again next year for the incoming seventh graders. Out of nowhere, I found out that we are going to wild waters in June.

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