This week, I learned a new lesson in algebra, I found it easy, and aced the quiz, but I am still shaky on last week's subject, I retook the test, and still got a bad grade, so I have to retake it again. I also, learned about plants, in science. We had a lot of homework, but I felt good, because I didn't procrastinate.
               In history, I learned about the Americas, and the age of Enlightenment, and exploration. I had a baseball tournament all weekend, so I had to do a lot of history homework last night. That is why I am so tired, but I know that It was worth it because I have to maintain a good grade.
               I also learned that I have to use a lighter bat for baseball, I was doing good with the heavier bat in BP, but in the games, I was always late with bad bat speed, so now I use a lighter bat, and I am going to test it out today in practice. We got second in that tournament.

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