It was a chilly morning at school, when Billy, Bob, and Joe sat down in class. When Harry got to class the bullying began. Billy, and Bob started insulting Harry as usual. But Joe was smart not to stoop down to their level. He felt like a coward, he was just there listening to their remarks. " You're so hairy, no wonder your name is Harry." " You should just leave this school." Joe didn't do anything, and he probably regrets it now.
        To stop people from bullying, people who witness it should quickly tell a responsible adult. If there is no adult to tell they should try to stop the bullying themselves. Those will most likely stop the bullying, but the bullies might keep doing it. So it's best to
        If I were in China, I wouldn't like all of the different rulers, because in the old times, China was united. But now China is just a fight between power. If I were there, I would start a rebellion against the rulers, and try to make a democracy. If that wouldn't work, than I would try to be the ruler.
        In that era, China wasn't united, and they needed to make major changes. When the Han dynasty fell, China split into many different kingdoms. Those kingdoms rivaled eachother. For a long period of time, China was not a good country to live in. Some historians called that time "The Period of Disunion."
        Last friday was pretty hard, I had a math test second period, and a science test fourth period. They were a little challenging, but the real challenge came from core (the next two periods). I did all my homework during free time, but there was one assignment that confused me.
        Over the weekend, I had my brothers help me find instructions, but I never found them. So I just kept on reading the web page over and over, until I found out that I was supposed to make cornell style notes of folk tales. When I found that out, I was ready to finish all my homework.After that it was a fun weekend, I watched football, and had a soccer game.
        This week is going good so far, for halloween, I am a man in black. I am nervous today (Monday) because the basketball team is being chosen today. I am pretty sure I'm going to make the team though. Today I found out... I made the team! this is going to be fun, we get team shoes, shirts, and sweats.
          Yesterday I learned how to make a copy of something, and make it bigger for props and etc. It was hard at the begining, but I learned that it was just a simple expression, and you use the same equation to make it bigger, or smaller. Now I know even more stuff for algebra.
        We had a basketball game yesterday, I think I did good for a 7th grader. In the beggining, I was kind of intimidated because they were big, and older. But once the game started, I got used to it and played well, but I know I could've played better. I only took 3 shots, but I learned that the easyies